Accelerated Consulting

Let's deal with it!
Traditionally the relationship between clients and consultants has been dysfunctional. Reasons are many...and our approach to deal with it is simple.
We call it no-nonsense consulting, which means SAY=DO. We make the principle of SAY=DO, a reality by working only with experienced consultants, who have proven themselves in a specific subject and share our values.

Besides the overarching mindset, we've invested significantly in polishing our toolkits and work in delivery model to provide "accelerated consulting" to clients while providing fulfilling experience for our consultings. Some of the key ideas include: 

  • Help clients describe the engagement scope appropriately with proposal discipline. Spend appropriate time with the client upfront, to minimize surprises during engagement.
  • Utilize the "right starting the engagement" tookit to put all/most of the pieces in place upfront in the project. Both in terms of people as well the quality assurance of the deliverables. Work with client, to refine a common methodology and preview of deliverables, before starting the projects
  • If client's simply looking for expertise, we'd suggest to building capability in-house, as opposed to traditional consulting. This scenario requires working as coach, not consultant.
  • Help client's build internal capability to sustain the improvements we work on. This is done by establishing "how to" tools for common business challenges

To explore how we can help you save significant consulting dollars, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask about the details of our accelerated consulting approach and supporting toolkits. 

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